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Vince Samons, CVARS


I have been dealing with Meredith and Simpson and Richard Mooty for the past 25 years here at the Coachella Valley Agricultural Research Station (CVARS) in Thermal. This is a University of California, Riverside agricultural research facility operated by Agricultural Operations. Meredith & Simpson was instrumental in the development and construction of our reservoir and pump station that irrigates the research plots at the CVARS. All electrical repairs and new installation is taken care of in a timely manner. The CVARS had Meredith and Simpson refurbish and paint the parking and shade structure attached to the shop and office space. This work included replacement of support beams, roof supports and the main support on the west side of structure. Meredith and Simpson updated all electrical pump panels at the UC Agricultural Research Station in Riverside in 2016. I would recommend Meredith and Simpson for any and all construction and electrical needs.


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